how to apply


                                                         QUICK SUMMARY ON HOW TO APPLY

                 STEP 1.    Start with clean and dry lips.  

                          [use witch hazel, face wash or cleansing pad to clean lips]

                STEP 2.    Shake Lipsense Color, Well!  

                          [for at least 20 seconds- or color will apply unevenly]

               STEP 3.     Apply 3 Layers of Lipsense color to each lip & let dry between layers
                          [Only go one direction with one single stroke of Lipsense per lip,

                          not back and forth like traditional lipstick]

                          [Keep lips open until all layers are dry; do NOT rub lips together

                          until gloss is applied!]

              STEP 4.     Apply first layer

                          [Let dry 5-10 seconds]

              STEP 5.     Apply second layer

                          [Let dry 5-10 seconds]

              STEP 6.     Apply third layer

                          [Let dry 5-10 seconds]

              STEP 7.        Wait 30 seconds, then apply one of the LipSense Moisturizing Glosses