LipSense Color Descriptions

Apple Cider LipSense -

creamy, matte light pink with a hint of tan 


Aussie Rose LipSense- Shimmering medium rose pink

B. Ruby LipSense– satin burgundy with a hint of purple

Beige Champagne LipSense– warm beige with a champagne frost

Bella LipSense– Creamy neutral, matte brownish-mauve 

Berry LipSense– Rich, deep purple

Blackberry LipSense- Deep, matte midnight black. Adds depth and dimension when layered with other LipSense shades.

Blu-Red LipSense– bright, fire-engine red 

Bombshell LipSense- Warm, soft nude with a champagne shimmer

Bravo LipSense- Delicate, light pink-nude in a matte finish

Brick LipSense– deep, muted orange-red

Bronze Shimmer LipSense– shimmering nude-bronze

Burnt Orange LipSense– creamy medium red-coral 

C. Coral LipSense– brown-coral with a copper frost

Cappuccino LipSense– Pale, milky neutral with a hint of nude shimmer

Caramel Apple LipSense - Frosty, rosy red

Caramel Latte LipSense- medium coral brown 

Cocoa LipSense– Rich medium brown with a gold shimmer

Coral Ice LipSense– pink-peach with a gold frost

Coral Reef LipSense– matte coral dark pink 

Cranberry LipSense– Cheery, bright cool magenta-red

Crimson Red LipSense- shimmering cardinal red 

Currant LipSense– matte brown-red

Dark Pink LipSense– a medium true pink

Dawn Rising LipSense- Light cocoa with a glistening shimmer

Dusty Rose LipSense– matte dark pinkish brown 

Fire N Ice LipSense– frosty dark pink 

First Love LipSense- Matte, nude-pink

Fleur de Lisa LipSense- Bright shimmery light pink with a hint of lavender 

Fly Girl LipSense- Rich, deep cherry red with a matte finish. The perfect vintage pin-up red. 

Fuscia LipSense – matte dark hot pink

Gold Champagne LipSense- frosty medium peach-gold

Hazelnut LipSense- Creamy, matte light brown

Heartbreaker LipSense–shimmering rosy-coral

Honey Rose LipSense- Sheer rose gold with an amber frost

Icicle LipSense- Crystal clear LipSense that layers with any LipSense shade allowing you a lighter, softer color saturation

Kathy’s Kisses LipSense - Frosted, juicy watermelon-pink

Kelly’s Krush LipSense– a frosty pale mauve

Kiss for a Cause LipSense- Shimmering bold, pinkish-purple 

Kiss me Katie LipSense– Subtle light pinky-peach with a hint of shimmer

Lexie Bear-y LipSense- Iridescent, shimmering fuchsia-berry

Luv It LipSense- Frosty light, bright peachy-pink

Mauve Ice LipSense- frosty, pale, barely-there lavender 

Moca LipSense– Dark coral brown

Mojave LipSense – Dark brick red with a bronze shimmer

Mulled Wine LipSense – matte deep red-berry 

Napa LipSense– Deep, rich frosty dark mauve purple

Neutral LipSense- shimmer red with some brown 

Nude LipSense– Matte plum brown

Nutmeg LipSense- frost brown and orange

Party Pink LipSense- Neon matte pink

Peace Pink LipSense- Shimmering lavender-pink (Previously Army Pink)

Peach LipSense– light adobe orange

Persimmon LipSense– dark adobe orange-brown

Pink Champagne LipSense– barely-there with a pink frost

Pink Ice LipSense- frosty bubblegum pink

Plum LipSense– a velvety dark burgundy 

Plum Pretty LipSense– Rosy copper pink 

Plumeria LipSense– Dark hot pink with a very subtle golden shimmer

Pomegranate LipSense- muted red-orange

Praline Rose LipSense- matte beige with a hint of mauve

Precious Topaz LipSense– cool light brown shimmer

Pumpkin Spice LipSense- Frosted, earthy copper

Purple Reign - Matte, electric pinkish-violet
Raisin LipSense- matte deep red brown

Razzberry LipSense– vivid neon raspberry pink

Red Cherry LipSense– matte muted dark red

Redwood LipSense- a middle of the road red

Rhubarb LipSense– matte bright red to the pink side

Rose Ice LipSense– Frosty vibrant rosey pink

RoseBerry LipSense– Matte muted rosey pink 

Samon LipSense– bright coral-red

Sheer Berry LipSense– berry purple with a sheer, matte finish

Sheer Pink LipSense– dark matte pink with a sheer finish

Shelala LipSense- Bold matte orange-red

Snow LipSense- Frosty, icy ivory that makes a beautiful topper over any LipSense

Spice Ice LipSense- frosted brown-orange

Strawberry Shortcake LipSense- matte bright pink that is muted

Summer Sunset LipSense– matte orange with little red

Violette LipSense- Rosy lavender with hints of frosty iridescence