B. Ruby LipSense IN STOCK

Back by popular demand, B. Ruby LipSense was added to the permanent line!  Add B. Ruby to your LipSense Collection today!…

Cappuccino LipSense IN Stock

Cappuccino LipSense IN StockCappuccino LipSense is beautiful for the bare lip look but still gives a radiant shine. Cappuccino is also one of those LipSense people use to layer to tone done a beautiful color.Claim yours today!…

Honey Rose LipSense IN STOCK

Honey Rose LipSense was brought back into the permanent line!Honey Rose Lipsense is now one of the official 50 Lipsense shades in our newest Beauty Books of 2017.Now in stock!Thank you for shopping STYLETYME

GLAM DOLL LIPSENSE limited edition

GLAM DOLL LIPSENSE WAS RELEASED FRIDAY THE 13TH OF OCTOBER, 2017.GLAM DOLL LipSense is a limited Edition Color made by a Make it Mine, contest winner, Brittany Comer.Limited Edition meaning, they made ONE LOT, that's ONE Batch of this earthly, neutral brown-pink shade.Grab yours now!